OPEN 24 May 2019 - 15 June 2019

In 2019, Vivid Sydney once again champions diversity and inclusion. Tumbalong Lights is back and better than ever with an inclusive playSPACE thanks to the continuing partnership with Cushman & Wakefield and their friends in the property industry.


Located in the heart of Darling Harbour, Tumbalong Lights celebrates the art of play, the basic human right of inclusion and the joy of discovery in honour of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. Installations and activations have been produced using the principles of ‘universal design’ so that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy a trip to outer space. The design process for Tumbalong Lights involved extensive collaboration with artists who have a disability to create a world where everyone belongs.

Get down and jam with a very funky Alien Visitor. Experience Under the Milky Way through indigenous dreaming. Race your mates at Space Balls, an inter-galactic planetary spin on the old favourite game ‘marble run’. In See What I See by renowned artist Digby Webster, catch a glimpse of yourself mirrored through ground-breaking technology. Journey To the Moon and Back in under three minutes! Then take a moment to enjoy a stop motion animation 'One Giant Leap' about the moon landing created by Bus Stop Films.


Enter Tumbalong Lights through this portal to indigenous astronomy.

Under the Milky Way tells the story of Warambul, the Big River in The Sky. Designers Spiiire are committed to both cultural and environmental inclusion. Under the Milky Way has been designed in partnership with Miss Karlie Noon, the first indigenous astronomer in NSW to tell the story of the Milky Way.

Journey into another galaxy as you meander through the semi-enclosed, light-studded tunnels. Engage and interact with the installation and sculptures designed to celebrate indigenous dreaming and the beauty of light in an interstellar inclusive experience.


SpaceBalls is an intergalactic planetary spin on the old favourite, marble run. Turn the wheels and push the buttons to wind the balls up into position, then watch as they roll and tumble their way through outer space! SpaceBalls is a fun and interactive installation for all ages and abilities, and has been produced according to the principles of ‘universal design’. SpaceBalls is equally thrilling whether you’re playing the interactive game or just observing the sound and light show if that’s more your speed.

Pink Cactus collaborated with young artists with disabilities, incorporating their artworks into the solar system design of SpaceBalls.


​Many people with disabilities have amazing talents and heightened senses. Some express these attributes using their artistic abilities.  

Digby Webster is a widely exhibited, Sydney-based visual artist, his canvases burst with vibrant colours whether they are abstracts, portraits or landscapes. Digby’s perception of the world around him is fascinating. See What I See is an interactive installation that gives visitors a chance to experience the way Digby sees us. Stand in front of the frame and see yourself mirrored through advanced facial recognition technology that interprets your features and expressions into a morphing vision of colour and light that is uniquely Digby in style.


Alien Visitor is a sensory experience that enables musicians of all abilities to collaborate and create sound in a stimulating environment. Come and join in the fun, whether it’s jamming out a solo on an invisible beam or triggering drum loops with your head. There are as many ways to make music as there are types of people.

At six metres tall, Alien Visitor is an unmissable organic alien object that interacts through simple gestural commands. With blinks, bleeps and extra-terrestrial signals, Alien Visitor beckons you to join its merry band.

Alien Visitor is accessible to all users, no matter their degree of ability. Everyone can take part and share in the delight that transpires beyond words and conscious thought.


Five, four, three, two, one.... Vivid Sydney has lift off! An out of this world experience for people of all abilities like no other takes you To The Moon and Back. 

From the moment visitors sit in the wheelchair lunar buggy (adorned with flags created by young people with disabilities), an immersive audio-visual sequence takes them To The Moon and Back. Blast off from NASA’s base and rocket into orbit then land on the moon’s surface where you’ll see our tiny blue planet from a very different perspective. This ‘room’ installation uses projection technology to evoke a sense of discovery that honours the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing using sound, light and space imagery. 


‘One Giant Leap’ is an inclusively made, stop-motion animation produced by students from Bus Stop Films.

When a space crew’s lunar mission goes horribly wrong, the team comes up with a creative solution to get back home to earth, and it’s going to take one giant leap!

The film will be screened each night during Vivid Sydney at Tumbalong Lights: an Inclusive playSPACE at Tumbalong Park.

The students and tutors attend the Bus Stop Films 'Accessible Film Studies Program' delivered in partnership with the Australian Film Television and Radio School. The program is an award-winning film school curriculum for adults with intellectual disability.

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